Below are some quotes from the "Thank You" notes and emails received by Beel Photography!

"I was pleased with how wonderful my senior pictures came out. So, I am also thankful for how you captured one of the biggest milestones in my life so far." - Allie Weatherill



"Received the disc today. I've just briefly ran through them; will spent more time later. They look great! Thanks for such fast service, and your efforts to make our celebration special."   - Sally Saulmon


"Thank you so much for making our wedding so special! We really appreciate your assistance with everything."    -Mitch and Kristy


"We truly appreciate all your hard work. You made our day so special by being our photographer. Thank you for all your help and kindness - much love!"   -Josh and Lindsey Lindley


"Beel Photography was incredibly professional, friendly, and wonderful at our wedding in April! Marianne is extremely talented, and has a way of making photos really fun for her clients.  The shots she was able to get were truly wonderful, and she was very courteous and not at all intrusive in all of the day's moments.  The editing and timely return on the photos was great as well. I would highly recomment Beel!"    - Audrey Fairbrother

"Thank you for taking the time to make our wedding so great.  We are ever thankful that not only did you take the photos, but you also helped give us advice throughout our day and reception.  Thank you for being part of our special day, and for going above and beyond in being our wedding photographer!"     - Joe and Hope Mock 

"Thank you for the wonderful job you have done on our wedding photos and our wedding album. Thank you also for all of your help and patience.  We truly appreciate all you have done for us".    - Rocky and Patty Bosco

"Marianne, I just wanted to thank you for all the work you put into Ben's photos.  I appreciate the extra care you took to get in the fall colors.  I will tell everyone I can about your good work!"     - Linda Dever

"Beel Photography, Thank you so much for all the beautiful pictures.  We absolutely love them all!"   - Josh and Megan Spencer

"Thanks so much for your photographic help with the Fremont Hall of Fame! We so appreciate your donation of talent to this year's event. Simply amazing!"     - Natilie

"Good Morning Marianne!  I just put the CD in last night and Wow! Phenomenal! I absolutely love the photos, every single on of them is fabulous.  I love the background - you were right, that adds so much more charm and personality.  Just goes to show why it is important to hire a professional.  We would have never, ever gotten something like these, worthy of framing and on the wall forever.  We just can't thank you enough.  You way exceeded every expectation we had.  If you ever need a reference, please feel free to count me as one.  Also, sure hope you'll do it again for the 101st, 102nd, long as Grandma is healthy and enjoying life".   - Sherry Gogan

"I am so grateful that you could make it to my graduation party. I absolutely loved your gift especially because lavender is my favorite! I also can't thank you enough for my amazing senior pictures! Your generosity is endless, and I am so thankful for your support".  - Karli Weatherill