When to Hire a Professional Photographer for Your Wedding

The Best Time to Bring a Professional Photographer into Your Wedding Planning

      Hello! I am Marianne Beel owner and professional photographer at Beel Photography for the past 25 years. As you can imagine, I have photographed a lot of weddings over the years.  I always appreciate being invited into the wedding planning as soon as possible. Many times I have helped with the Wedding Day Schedule, which I love to do! 

     I know every bride and groom wants a unique Wedding Day, and that does happen, as no one else has your day, at your venue, with your family and friends. Yet, when it comes to the schedule of the day’s events, experience can help you with planning. Unless your wedding involves less than 15 people, including both wedding party and guests, a Schedule of the Day would likely be appreciated by everyone.

    The time I see when a couple needs the most help in planning and decision making is the time immediately after they come back down the aisle after their “I Dos.” If they get caught in an unplanned Receiving Line, one to two hours can evaporate from the schedule, as once an impromptu Receiving Line forms, it is hard to move on to the next scheduled event on the list without greeting each and every guest. This usually throws off the schedule for the photography time for the couple photos, family photos, and wedding party photos, which in turns means getting to the reception late. Many modern couples opt for a visit to each table during the reception to greet guests and exchange pleasantries. If you elect to have a Receiving Line, a good rule of thumb would be to allow 15 to 30 seconds for each adult guest, which for 200 guests would take more than one hour. They want to congratulate you!

   If you have worked with your professional photographer and/or wedding coordinator, a plan for that time has already been put in motion.  Many times, the couple is whisked away for a few private moments, and guests are given announced instructions about the timetable of events by the officiant, one of the couple’s parents, or the wedding coordinator. 

   Having your professional photographer involved early in your schedule will help your Wedding Day go more smoothly, and you will have the opportunity to decide on your priorities and get beautiful photographic memories.

    Stay tuned for my next blog topic:  The Importance of Having Everyone Possible at the Rehearsal.