What to Bring to Your Senior High School Portraits

    Hello again, I am Marianne Beel of Beel Photography, and I have been taking Senior High Portraits for more than 25 years. Senior High School Portrait students tend to not bring a wide enough variety of clothing and props to my studio. This is definitely a case of: “The More the Merrier.” 

   Before coming to the portrait session, you might want to start packing at least a day or two ahead, and as you get closer to the appointment keep adding to the stack.  The most important items would be:  several clothing changes, letter jacket, class ring, touch up make-up, jewelry, hair products and even curling or straightening irons.  Oh, and bring a pair of comfortable shoes, and we can carry dressier shoes into places where more maneuvering is needed. 

   Additional items might include:  pets with leases, sports equipment, musical instruments, hobby items, outerwear, and even more clothing changes. 

   Do you love to snowboard? Bicycle? Ride motorcycles? Mountain or rock climb? Bring all the gear!  And you might want to include more clothing changes!

   Since I offer Free Portrait Consultations before the photography session, keep the list of items we outlined handy also and check it once or twice the day of the appointment.

   You might also want to bring along a supportive friend, and of course parents are always welcome and encouraged to come along. 

   What not to bring?  Well, I can’t think of anything, although I once had a family arrive with eight people including two toddlers, it was a bit much, but we coped.

   As far as pets, I have taken photos of dogs and cats, but I have also taken photos of birds, ferrets, snakes, horses, bulls, pigs, and I enjoyed them all, well maybe except the pungent odor of the ferrets!

   I have helped senior high students show off their mountaineering skills, their fly fishing technics, four-wheeling trucking spots and views, kayaking and river skills, their favorite horses, and their sports cars.   I have also figured out ways to highlight book readers and thespians, as well and all kinds of musicians. 

   Do you have a favorite T-Shirt or Hoodie that maybe has some worn spots, but is still your very favorite?  Bring it, and I can always Photoshop to crisp it up. And, speaking of Photoshop, I will be taking off any skin blemishes and retouching anything else you would like.  I can also take off braces in the final prints, so show off your smile, and I can make any changes you would like.

Did I mention to pack even more clothing changes? And bring your smile!

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