Super Moon, Blood Moon, and Lunar Eclipse of January, 2018!

Hello! I am Marianne Beel owner and professional photographer at Beel Photography for the past 25 years. Now is the time to call and schedule a Free Consultation for your Wedding, Family Photos, and Senior High School Portraits – call me at: (719) 269-1459.

     This is also the time of year I work on all the business tasks that I didn’t quite get to during the busy months of Spring, Summer, and Fall, but it is also the time I get to pick a photography project or two that is both a learning opportunity and a maybe just fun. At the beginning of January, I started thinking about how much fun it would be to photograph the Super Moon, Blood Moon, and the Lunar Eclipse, which was going to be during the wee hours of the morning of January 31. I was able to pinpoint that my back field was going to be a perfect place to watch and photograph the entire three-hour event. So I invited several brave friends, we scouted out the area in the daylight, and then we hoped for a clear night that wouldn’t be too cold. And we really had a great time, and were rewarded with a spectacular celestial event! 

    I set up two cameras with different range of lenses and ran back and forth happily clicking off images. The finished image above is a composition of about 18 different images, and came about from more than 25 hours of Photoshop computer time. I hope you enjoy it!!!