Pet and Animal Portraiture

    As a professional photographer I love the challenges of pet and animal portraiture.  Here at Beel Photography, the excitement of getting ready for pet photography sessions is always great fun.  So while donning my running shoes and practicing fancy footwork getting ready for the next few minutes of working with those cute little creatures with beautiful eyes, I am smiling!

     I love taking pet and animal portraits! I love animals and have taken puppy, kitten, dog, cat, snake, bird, horse, pig, cow, and ferret photographs. I even took some turtle photos a long time ago. Once I was called to take promo images of a great-horned owl and a red-tailed hawk in my studio, both birds were absolutely stunning.

     As family pets are members of the family, and just like other family members, showing their life cycle in photographs is a wonderful and beautiful way of creating lasting memories.  Pets go through the different stages of their lives so very quickly, capturing each stage is important.  And sometimes a beautiful black and white portrait highlights their beautiful, endearing eyes. Documenting your pets lifespan is important from the frisky puppy or kitten stage, as they mature into adolescents, and later when they are fully grown, and lastly as they mature into their golden years.

   Actually, taking the pet photos is a challenge as their attention spans are short, and cameras with fast shutter speeds are of the utmost importance.  When I am out taking larger animal photographs, I will enlist the help of several people.  Horses require at least two to three helpers.  Surprisingly, flashes do not scare most animals. The animals are sometimes nervous, but having helpers moving calmly, but quickly is best. 

   Bringing your pet for a photography session, you will want to bring their leash and their crate.  Also bringing their favorite toys, favorite treats, and if you dress them up, bring those outfits too.  I actually have a few outfits for some types of smaller pets, which are fun to try. 

   Currently, Beel Photography is partnering with Canine Training Academy with their Canine Clicker Classes, so I will be offering a special group sitting and images package for dogs and pet parents while they are in those series of classes. The photographs will be taken at the end of class one week and delivered during the next class.

    Pets, especially puppies and kittens grow so fast. So as soon as you adopt a pet, call me to set up an appointment at: (719) 269-1459. 

Next blog post:  Retouching Styles and some FAQs.