The Importance of a Wedding Rehearsal

The Importance of Having Everyone Possible at the Wedding Rehearsal

Hello!  I am Marianne Beel, owner and photographer at Beel Photography, and in this blog post I will be covering the variety of reasons it is important to have all the key members at your Wedding Rehearsal. 

     First, it seems obvious, but because each wedding is unique and each wedding venue different, even seasoned wedding party participates need to know when, where, and how the actual Wedding Day procession and events will unfold. Everybody in the Wedding Party, the relatives who will be escorted into the ceremony, the ushers, the officiant, the photographer, and the music coordinator needs to attend the rehearsal.  Without these key people practicing at least of couple of times, the actual Wedding may not go as smoothly as hoped for by the bride and groom. 

   And, let’s talk about that fact for a moment; most of the people attending the Rehearsal are family, friends, or hired professionals that have agreed by their acceptance to be in the wedding or to perform their specialty service.  So, if it seems “inconvenient” for them to participate, maybe they should not have agreed to be part of the day. As members of the Wedding Party, show your friendship to the Bridal Couple with cooperation. And that goes for the Wedding Day too! 

   Next, there is something about rehearsal practice that really helps people feel more comfortable about their roles for the Wedding Day.  Even though the bridesmaids and groomsmen are having a good time and joking around, they are usually really paying attention trying to figure out what they are expected to do for the Wedding Day ceremony.  Up until this point they may have a foggy idea of their duties, but this time is the time to really give them the details.  This is also the time to institute changes in the schedule.  For instance, the Wedding Party knows when the Wedding starts, but if you want them ready a certain amount of hours before the wedding for photographs, this is the time for them to be instructed.  Also, go over any last minute details about their hair, clothing, shoes, hats, flowers, and where they are getting ready. 

   Also, during the Rehearsal is a great time to see if any announcements will need to be made to the guests, and iron out who will be making those announcements. 

   And finally, the Rehearsal is the time for your chosen professionals to learn exactly what you have been reenacting in your mind all these months. The officiant, the music coordinator, and the photographer can spot any potential challenges and offer remedies from their vast knowledge, which is exactly why you hired them!

  After a successful Wedding Rehearsal, you will be feeling more confident and it is time to go have some fun and relax at your Rehearsal Dinner!!!