Getting Ready for Your Engagement Photographs

     Hello! I am Marianne Beel, owner and professional photographer at Beel Photography for 25 years.  I have always viewed the engagement photography session as a way to give the couple lovely photos for their “Save the Date” cards, their newspaper announcement, their social media pages, and as for a print on their gift or cake table at their wedding.

  Yet, beyond those uses, the engagement photography session may be the first time I have worked with the bridal couple and their family, especially the groom. For years, I have encouraged an engagement session with each couple because I view this time as fact-finding interview of sorts. I learn about the couple, what they like and don’t like. I watch how they work together and support and become playful with each other.  And I get to see how they interact together in front of my lens. It is a time to develop a rapport with the couple and their family!

   Can you imagine how the couple might feel, especially the groom, if the photographer has not taken time to photograph the couple before the Wedding Day?  It is one of the most important days in the couple’s life, and the photographer will be with them almost their entire Wedding Day.

   There are ways the couple can also use the engagement photography session beyond just the main goal of having beautiful photographic memories. The bride and groom can use the Engagement Photography Session to try out different looks.  It is a good way to see if certain make-up colors, beard options, or hairstyles work.  It can be a time to get to know your photographer, talk about suggestions for posing, and see how everything and everyone works together.

   Once the location or locations for the photographs are selected, the next thing to decide is the time of day.  Time of day is important, as the light which is so beautiful in the early morning or late afternoon, can be very harsh in the middle of the day. Professional photographers have ways to enhance light, but fighting harsh light adds another layer to the session, which should be more fun and casual for the most relaxed looking images.  The next elements to consider are clothing outfits. I like my couples to bring a few options for clothing changes.  Usually the bride will bring several easy-to-change tops or dresses, and grooms tend to bring just one.

  Oh, and remember to bring your rings!

  My next blog post will start to discuss Senior High School Photography.